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This is the BEST customer oriented Insurance agency I've ever had!  I use them for my Harley, cars, boat, and home... everything should be this easy.
Clark Associates Insurance - one call covers it all!
- Glen Gammon, Birmingham Insurance customer

Whether you are driving your Dream Car, Family Car, or First Car it is important to carry auto insurance. In the event you are involved in an auto accident your Auto Insurance Policy it there to protect you, your family, your car, and your assets.

Since most people drive every day, there is an everyday risk of being involved in an automobile accident. Once involved in an accident you could potentially be at risk of a lawsuit.

Your personal auto insurance policy is designed to provide you with a defense, giving you true peace of mind.

How Much Insurance is Enough?

Auto insurance blends several types of coverage into one policy.

Typically, your policy will include some combination of comprehensive, collision, medical, liability and uninsured motorist coverage.

So what do you need?

It depends on your specific situation.


Liability pays for the damage you cause to others if your car is involved in an accident. It also protects you from being wiped out financially if you are sued following an accident. The greater your assets, the more you stand to lose. If you have substantial financial resources, you may need liability coverage that exceeds the coverage that you'll get from an auto insurance policy. In that case, a Personal Umbrella can provide the extra liability protection you need.

Collision covers damage to your car from an accident. We can help you decide whether or not to carry collision coverage by balancing the cost of collision insurance with the value of your car. It might not be worth paying $200 a year for collision insurance on a car that's worth only $1,000. But if the car is worth $10,000, you probably want this coverage.

Comprehensive coverage pays for your car if it is stolen, vandalized or damaged in some way other than in a collision. Medical coverage provides for medical expenses to you and your passengers that are the result of an accident. The way you use your car may make a difference in the amount of medical coverage you need. For example, we might suggest more coverage for a parent who regularly takes a carload of kids to soccer practice than for a driver who expects to drive mostly alone.

Keep in mind that many states require certain minimum levels of coverage.

We'd be happy to talk with you about these and other factors.


Looking for the best way to SAVE MONEY on Auto Insurance premiums?

Some of the top ways to reduce your monthly or yearly auto insurance costs:

  • Safe Driver Discounts
    Be sure to ask about discounts for a good driving record. Insurance companies will look back 3 to 5 years for any accidents or violations. Maintaining a good clean driving record is the best possible way to ensure you get the best rate.
  • Good Student Discount
    Have a Teen Driver at home? Be sure to ask about discounts for being a Good Student and completing Driver’s Education. Most companies require at least an A/B average and a copy of the student’s latest grade report for the Good Student discount. For the Driver’s Education discount a certificate showing completion of the program is required.
  • Car Safety Counts!
    Driving a Safe Car. Safety features such as air bags, anti-lock brakes, and anti-theft devices help to reduce your insurance premiums.
  • Combine and Save
    Combine your Home and Auto insurance with one carrier. Most companies will provide a discount ( usually 10%) if they write both your home and auto insurance policies.
  • Other Advantages
    Be sure to ask about these Personal Auto Policy advantages as well...
    • Free Windshield Repair
    • 24-Hour Claims Hotline
    • Flexible Payment Options
    • Guarantee on Repairs

The Advantage of Choosing Clark Associates

We offer choice.
We can shop your coverage needs to a variety of Top-Rated insurance companies such as Travelers, Safeco, Progressive, Encompass, Auto Owners, and more...

Along with your agent, you will have a Personal CSR assigned specifically to your account. Whether it is Diane, Kim, or Terrie, your assigned CSR is there to help you when you have a question, need to make a change, or need to add coverage.


No more call centers around the world!
This is truly concierge level service, at no additional charge.

Choices put you at the advantage and in control.
Can you get choice with a direct writer? No.

Contact us today for your quote!


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