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Personal Liability Umbrella

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Personal Liability Insurance
Protection for What Matters Most

The agents at Clark Associates, Inc. can help you provide the ultimate protection for your most valuable assets. Ask us about the many available options for Personal Liability protection.

Have you ever wonder what would happen if there was a claim against you for more than the liability limits of your policy?

Here’s just one example:
Let’s say that you carry Auto Bodily Injury liability and Property Damage (combined single limit) of $500,000. You are in an auto accident and you are deemed the at fault party. The claim made against you in this case totals over $750,000 for bodily injuries that occurred in the accident as well as property damage.


Where does the extra $250,000 come from?


If you don’t have a Personal Liability Umbrella, your personal assets could be at stake.
Think of your savings and your investments like your home, your 401k, even your future earnings. All of these are at risk.


You can protect those assets by having a Personal Liability Umbrella that provides additional liability coverage over your primary liability policies like your home and auto.


With a Personal Liability Umbrella you can choose limits of $1 million to $10 million based on your personal needs.

Umbrella liability insurance
provides excess liability coverage over several of the insured’s primary liability policies. Most umbrella liability policies provide coverage that is broader than the insured’s primary policies. An excess liability policy may be what is called a following form policy, which means it is subject to the same terms as the underlying policies; it may be a self-contained policy, which means it is subject to its own terms only; or it may be a combination of these two types of excess policies.

Three Functions of a Personal Umbrella Policy


(1) To provide additional limits above the each occurrence limit of the insured’s primary policies.


(2) To take the place of primary insurance when primary aggregate limits are reduced or exhausted.


(3) To provide broader coverage for some claims that would not be covered by the insured’s primary insurance policies, which would be subject to the policy retention.


Be sure to ask your agent about a Personal Liability Umbrella to make sure your assets aren’t at risk. Rates can start as low as $125 annually for a $1 million limit.

Get your personal umbrella quote today!


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