Clark Associates, Inc. Privacy Policy

The nature of our business requires a relationship of trust with our customers. The foundation of that trust is the assurance that we will not misuse information that we receive about customers. Any personal information that we receive helps us to provide our products and services and support our business operations.

We keep our customers' personal information private and do not give it to others, unless allowed. We do not give or sell our customers' personal information to other companies for marketing purposes.

We obtain personal information directly from the customer and from customer-related transactions. All employees of Clark Associates Inc. that have access to customer information are expected to keep this information in confidence and share the information only with those who have a business reason to know. Employees are prohibited from making unauthorized disclosure of personal information that we obtain about customers. We use procedural, manual and electronic security controls to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of personal information in our possession and guard against its unauthorized access.

This Privacy Policy Statement is not a comprehensive statement of all measures taken to protect our customers' privacy however, it is our intent to comply with the privacy laws of the jurisdictions where we do business.

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